Almond Valley Houses

Where the mediterranean and the aegean meet nature


Scenes from Datca and its bays

Datca Almond Valley Houses for a pleasant and comfortable holiday

Datca; it is a unique place with its nature, air and sea. Datca Almond Valley Houses are a healthy, peaceful and comfortable holiday and relaxation place where you can stay with your loved ones in a garden of 2500 m2, away from the crowd and noise, intertwined with nature.

Our stone houses are 5 to 30 minutes away from any of the dozens of beautiful bays of Datca, 4 km from Datca town center and only 1.5 km from Old Datca.

Datca Almond Valley Houses has a magnificent view overlooking the Hızırşah valley. While it gives the opportunity to have a peaceful and comfortable holiday, to those who bring their work with them also offer the opportunity to work remotely with its fiber internet infrastructure.

Each of our houses consists of 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a large living room and a kitchen. Each room has its own bathroom, a wooden balcony with a view of the valley, and each of the areas on the ground floor has its own garden and terrace areas with a view of the valley.

Our homes have a large screen smart LED TV, hi-fi music system. From the induction cooker to the washing machine, all kinds of white goods, kitchen and household items are available for a comfortable stay.

The location and architectural designs of our stone houses allow the use of both sunny and shade areas at the same time from morning to evening. You may not even need to use air conditioning in the natural coolness of our stone houses with the zero humid air of Datca and the gentle breeze of Hızırşah. If you want, you can obtain the milk, eggs, oil and honey of our farmer neighbors on a daily basis. After having your breakfast in the morning, you can sail to the breathtaking bays of Datca with a pre-organized boat tour. Or you can drive to Datca beaches or a secluded untouched bay and enjoy the magnificent Datca sea and sun. You can take nature walks on the historical Carian road that passes around our houses. You can climb the Hacetevi hill with a half-hour hike. 

You can spend the rest of the day by sunbathing on your balcony, reading a book in our garden, and listening to music. In the evenings, you can prepare a pleasant outdoor dinner with your loved ones using our barbecue. You can review your astronomy knowledge by looking at our star full sky. You can witness meteor showers while examining star clusters and planets with sky applications that can be installed on mobile phones and tablet devices.

Datca Almond Valley Houses will provide you with an unforgettable holiday period with your loved ones, where you will relieve the tiredness of a whole year in Datca’s unique nature, air, and crystal clear bays.

Apart from the sea season, those who want to stay in Datca between October and May will enjoy the underfloor heating infrastructure and stone fireplaces of our houses for those who seek winter comfort. It offers a comfortable accommodation opportunity for those who want to see the almond flowers blooming in the first days of February and participate to the famous Datca Almond Flower Festival, as well as those who come to Datca for nature walks and rock climbing.


Private stone house with detached garden
4 double rooms (Up To 6 persons)
Bathroom in every room
Balcony/Terrace in each room

16th Oct. - 30th Apr.
225 EuroStone House / Night
Minimum 7 Night
  • Up To 6 Person - 225 Euro
16th June - 15th Oct.
250 EuroStone House / Night
Minimum 5 Night
  • 1-3 Person - 250 Euro
  • 4-6 Person - 300 Euro

*Cleaning fee is not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are our homes?

Our houses are on the road of Hacetevi hill at the end of the Hızırşah District. Hızırşah is the closest village to the center of Datca. Our houses are 4 km away from Datca town center, approximately 1.5 km away from Old Datca.

How is the location of our homes?

Datca Almond Valley Houses overlooks to the famous Hızırşah valley filled with almond trees surrounded by Babadağ and Bozdağ mountain. Almond valley, turns the view of our houses into an insatiable spectacle area. Our houses are also on the most popular trekking routes of Datca.

How far are we from the sea?

There are very few places far from the sea because every side of Datca is the sea. Our homes are far from Datca beaches and coves, with distances ranging from 5 to 30 minutes by car. This distance will change according to which bay and beach you want to go. For example, we are 5-10 minutes from the beaches around Datca town center, 8-10 minutes from Gereme bay, 5 minutes from Karaköy Körmen Yacht Harbor, 15-20 minutes from Karaincir, Aktur side, and 20-25 minutes from Mesudiye, Ovabükü, Haytbükü and Palamutbükü bays. We are about 30-35 minutes away from our famous archaeological site, Knidos, by car.

What else is there in Datca other than the sea?

Datca peninsula is one of the few places in Turkey’s mostly intact under the protection of endemic flora. Turkey’s cleanest seas, incorporates natural habitats. The Datca Hızırşah region, where our houses are located, is the starting point of tracking routes of different difficulty levels, where you can take special nature walks. Seeing Datca’s unique endemic plants and trees in its natural environment, taking walks on the ancient Carian road will offer you a very different experience. The rocks and hills, which are almost 90 degrees steep in Hızırşah Canyon, are one of the places frequented by rock climbers from all over the world.

Are we close to markets and shopping centers?

You can easily buy your basic needs such as milk, eggs, yoghurt, bread and beverages from the two markets of our village, which is approximately 200-300 meters away. For your more extensive grocery and other shopping, there are many chain markets and local stores at the entrance of Datca and on the road towards Datca center. In general, our guests do their shopping the day they arrive and they do not feel the need for grocery shopping any more. They get their daily needs freshly from the immediate environment. The milk, eggs, honey, vegetables and fruits of our farmer neighbors’ will also provide you with natural and organic nutrition.

What should I expect from Datca, what should I not expect?

Datca has plenty of oxygen, zero humidity, a breeze that blows even in the hottest weather, an extraordinary nature and uncontaminated clean coves. If you are looking for plenty of sun, an aquarium-like sea, virgin nature and serenity, you are in the right place. It is difficult to find cafes, bars and restaurants outside of Datca town center, so it would be disappointing to expect a Bodrum performance from Datca. But there are opportunities for eating and drinking in all the main coves and beaches you will go to by car.

It will also make you happy to discover untouched bays of Datca, which are hard to reach even by vehicles. The center of Datca is small, cute but also crowded. It is possible to have a parking problem.

What do Datca Almond Valley Houses promise you?

It offers a comfortable detached house that you cannot easily find a similar one in Datca. In our houses unique and private design,you will not even share your bathroom with anyone. We have fast internet access with fiber infrastructure for those who want to work remotely. It allows you to live in an extraordinary nature, away from the crowds, in a large garden with an extraordinary view. It promises a healthy, comfortable and peaceful holiday with your family and friends, where you will always feel happy and rested.